Window Treatments & Lighting Fixtures

Regardless of your style, we can make it beautiful together.  From window treatments to light fixtures, we help finish each room with the special touches made just for you.  After a consultation, we will bring samples of window treatments and fabric choices to help you make the perfect choice.  We can create anything you want, including designing unique, one of a kind light fixtures. Our designer loves to create special pieces just for you!



Imagine a custom designed chandelier made just for you!

There are many options for window treatments, such as roller shades, blinds, shutters.  We even have designer roller shades with colorful designs.  We work with Texton, a local company to the DFW area.  Once you have chosen the style of your window treatments, we will come out to measure and schedule the installation.  It usually takes about 14 days from the order date to have your choices installed.  

Curtains and window treatments go hand in hand, and you may want to make changes for both. For example, sometimes with roller shades, you may just want a simple panel to complement the shade. We do have a workroom that can make custom panels and curtains according to your wishes. Lately, heavy curtains have seem to take a backseat to the more modern style, but we believe in working within your style and desires. Let’s make beautiful together!