We bring the Sherwin-Williams store to you!  Choosing the perfect paint color is essential, and not always the easiest task.  Lighting and furniture colors all affect the way the paint will look, which is why we provide you with an 8×11 sample to hang on the wall allowing you to evaluate the color at different times of the day.  Remember that sunlight adds additional light, but that light changes as the day moves from dawn to dusk.

After 30 years as the interior designer for a builder, we have done it all from log cabins to entire college dormitories.  We understand the construction process and manage the process for you.  We begin with a detailed interview to get a feel for your likes and dislikes, as well as your personal style to uniquely tailor the design for you.  We have partners in every trade needed to give you a seemless remodeling experience.

Regardless of your style, we can make it beautiful together.  From window treatments to light fixtures, we help finish each room with the special touches made just for you.  After a consultation, we will bring samples of window treatments and fabric choices to help you make the perfect choice.  We can create anything you want, including designing unique, one of a kind light fixtures. Our designer loves to create special pieces just for you!

Commercial Design Services

We are the designer you can trust to create and execute the look and feel of your office space to match your business.

Furniture Choices

It is important the furniture choices fit the space to allow for efficient flow through the office.



Color Psychology

Did you know that certain colors bring about feelings of agitation while others promote calm and relaxed?



Decoration Services

We love designing special arrangments and decorative pieces to create a warm and inviting reception area for your clients.